CS:GO Crosshair Customization Guide

How to find the perfect CS:GO crosshair for you? You bought a new CSGO Smurf Account and you need help setting up the Crosshair? From this guide you will learn about the map for customize crosshair in the game CS:GO as professional player. Why do I need a map for customization crosshair? Many players dont want to waste time on manual customize crosshair. Especially for these players was released a map ”crashz' Crosshair Generator v2 (2.65)”, which allows you to quickly and easily set up a crosshair in CS:GO. How to download a map for customization crosshair? To download and install the map, you need to do the following: Go to the page of the map in Steamcommunity Click on the "Subscribe" button. Jump into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Create a new game with bots. Open the "Workshop" tab and select the ”crashz' Crosshair Generator v2 (2.65)” Start the game. These menus will help you adjust your current crosshair. FAQ: How to save the created crosshair? - Your crosshair will be saved automatically. What game mode should I choose when creating a server? - You can choose any game mode, it does not matter.

Great news for the owners of CSGO prime account

Great news for the owners of CSGO prime account: Valve ensures that cheaters will be fewer! Obnoxious cheaters can ruin any game environment and turn the best game into a complete hassle and nerve-wrecking experience. And it is deeply regrettable that lately they have become too numerous. In order to protect the interests of CS:GO fans, Valve Corporation, the creator of remarkable series of Counter-Strike games, also produced anti-cheat software called Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) and launched it in 2002. Since then, the anti-cheat defense has been constantly improving, and Valve warns everyone who wants to cheat that they will not get away with it. Now, the new Trust Factor system will be guarding interests of honest players, both unfleshed novices and venerable owners of the CSGO prime account. This system performs the work of kind of a supervisor ensuring the integrity and fairness of the game. It is capable of analyzing the style of the game and can determine whether the player is using any fraudulent software. As a matter of fact, CS:GO experts argue that there is some danger of being labeled as a fraudster for those whose game seems to the system to be too flawless. In CS:GO environment, the anti-fraud [...]