All kinds of CSGO accounts are delivered instantly.

The necessary information is immediately sent to the email address specified by the buyer.

You can check ur acc info here (after payment): www.Smurfx.com/my-account/orders/

Steam requires that you have purchased $5.00+ more of goods to the account in order to be a “full featured” account. Our accounts, however, are brand new and do not have any past history of purchases. You can simply deposit $5.00 to your steam wallet to remove this limitation. You can read more about this in the link below.


People can still add you to their friends list though, or you may keep in contact with each other by creating a Steam group

Paypal, Credit card, Debit card, Skrill, Bitcoins, PaySafeCard etc. and many more.

No, all accounts are freshly created and boosted with the sole intent of resale. The emails associated with each account have not been verified, nor have profiles been setup so you can set them to your own information.

We will replace your account free of charge if there are any issues, where we are at fault, within the first two weeks of purchase. After this time, we can no longer be responsible for your account.

To request a replacement, please contact us via the support form, or on Live Chat. In the circumstances that we are clearly not at fault, this guarantee does not apply.

No, we create and boost each account with the intention to sell. Accounts are not hacked/stolen from others.

1. Change contact e-mail address (Steam > Settings > Account > Change contact e-mail address).
2. Change account password (Steam > Settings > Account > Password).
3. Enable Steam Guard Authentication (Steam > Settings > Account > Manage Steam Guard > Enable).
4. Enable Mobile Authentication for added security. (Optional)

Follow these simple steps to buy an account :

  1. Select the account(s) you want to purchase. You can purchase multiple products at the same time during checkout.
  2. Select your preferred payment method.
  3. Get your account details delivered to you via E-mail and you can check account info here → https://smurfx.com/my-account/orders/  just click VIEW and find words account info