Great news for the owners of CSGO prime account

Great news for the owners of CSGO prime account: Valve ensures that cheaters will be fewer!

Obnoxious cheaters can ruin any game environment and turn the best game into a complete hassle and nerve-wrecking experience. And it is deeply regrettable that lately they have become too numerous.

In order to protect the interests of CS:GO fans, Valve Corporation, the creator of remarkable series of Counter-Strike games, also produced anti-cheat software called Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) and launched it in 2002. Since then, the anti-cheat defense has been constantly improving, and Valve warns everyone who wants to cheat that they will not get away with it.

Now, the new Trust Factor system will be guarding interests of honest players, both unfleshed novices and venerable owners of the CSGO prime account. This system performs the work of kind of a supervisor ensuring the integrity and fairness of the game. It is capable of analyzing the style of the game and can determine whether the player is using any fraudulent software. As a matter of fact, CS:GO experts argue that there is some danger of being labeled as a fraudster for those whose game seems to the system to be too flawless.

In CS:GO environment, the anti-fraud system Prime has operated so far, it analyzed how much time the player devotes to his CS:GO game, and how long he/she plays other games using personal Steam account, as well as a host of other parameters. In general the Trust system should work much more efficiently. The developers assure that it includes all the advantages of the Prime system, and at the same time is devoid of its shortcomings.

The system determines what kind of a software is invading the game space, and determines whether it is meant to cheat. As a rule, outside interference is used precisely by cheaters, and by no one else. If the user receives the “cheat” flag, then his CSGO account can no longer access the servers that are under the system’s protection.

A fascinating Multiplayer Online World of CS:GO is constantly evolving, giving players more and more opportunities and freedom. Valve not only is mindful of protection from cheaters, but also helps players find worthy contenders, making their game work better. Now the proud owner of the CSGO prime account will find it much easier to get adequate opponents, as Valve launches a new way of matching players. The system scans the attributes of accounts, analyzes the behavior of players and offers you a team with which you can really enjoy the game and make full use of your potential.

And the more you play, the more interesting and qualitative your game becomes!

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